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Three Phase Core Flooding

The three-phase macro-scale core flooding equipment at Piri Technologies are state-of-the-art, reservoir-conditions core-flooding systems that includes a nine-cylinder Quizix pumping system (5000 and 6000 series), two compensation accumulators, an acoustic three-phase separator, air-operated valves, differential pressure transducers, Hassler type core holders, and three integrated mechanical convection ovens. The key technical features include:
• Precision, pulse-free pumping system
• Hastelloy wetted parts, highly corrosion resistant
• Three fluid phase injection under triaxial stress conditions
• Capable of performing steady- and unsteady-state experiments
• Capable of handling 10,000 psig pressure and 140° C temperature
• Measurement of relative permeabilities and capillary pressures at HPHT
• Three fluid phase injection into cores of 1-4 inches in diameter and 1-48 inches in length
• Permeability measurement of core samples using steady-state technique at HPHT conditions