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Interfacial Properties and Phase Behavior

Piri Technologies can analyze your reservoir fluids or evaluate potential surfactant or nanoparticle treatments using our high pressure, high temperature interfacial tension and contact angle measurement apparatus. Here are a few highlights:

  • Capable of measuring or investigating spreading coefficient, interfacial tension, contact angles, phase behavior, cloud and Krafft temperatures
  • Equipped with in-line densitometers
  • Micro-liter precise pumping system ensures accurate fluid flow
  • Capable of handling 10,000 psig pressure and 140° C temperature
Inferfacial Tension and Contact Angle Measurement. Equipment details. Interfacial tension/ contact angle (IFT/CA) measurement systems are built to perform measurements under extreme conditions, such as those encountered in oil and gas reservoirs. Interfacial tension and contact angle are among the most influential parameters that considerably affect the fluid flow characteristics and subsequently the ultimate oil recovery from reservoir formations.
Effect of temperature on dynamic IFT of the surfactant solutions/crude oil at reservoir conditions (6840 psi and 120 °C) (Mirchi et al. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res (2017))