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Special Core Analysis (SCAL)

Special core analysis (SCAL) is useful for obtaining more in depth information on core properties. Fluid-rock interactions are critical for reservoir evaluation and production estimates. Piri Technologies can help you obtain these critical parameters including:

  • Relative Permeability (up to three phases)
  • Capillary Pressure
  • Fluid Saturations

Special procedures and specific core handling methods may also be available upon request. In addition to standard SCAL measurements, Piri Technologies has the capability to integrate a suite of digital rock physics measurements into your SCAL program to help you maximize the data from each core.

Let us cut your cores with our precision coring instruments
Brine relative permeability during a CO2 dissolution process in a Berea sandstone core. Saturations were measured using in-situ imaging techniques. (M. Akbarabadi, M. Piri / Adv Water Resources. 52 (2013) 190–206)