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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Before making a major capital investment in your reservoir, it is critical to make sure that the reservoir treatment will work. With unprecedented capacity for core flooding experiments, we can help you evaluate your intended EOR plan. Using multi-scale imaging coupled with traditional core flooding, gain a deeper insight into the complex fluid-rock interactions that govern recovery. Our experienced engineers can help you with the technical aspects associated with choosing the proper surfactant or gas flood and conduct the experiments needed for verifying design concepts.

Past projects have included:

  • Study of the effects of surfactant flooding on oil recovery using in-situ characterization techniques
  • Recovery due to low salinity water flooding at reservoir conditions
  • Injection of supercritical carbon dioxide into reservoir samples
  • Tertiary gas injection in three-phase fluid system
Spontaneous imbibition of brine into reservoir rock causing displacement of crude oil
Oil recovery due to high-salinity waterflooding (HSWF) and low-salinity waterflooding (LSWF) performed at 60 degrees C (M. Khishvand et al., In Preparation, (2017)).