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HPHT IFT/CA apparatus

Accurate measurement of reservoir fluid properties is critical for a full understanding of the flow and displacement mechanisms in your reservoir resources. The high pressure, high temperature interfacial tension and contact angle measurement system has been designed in-house for this very purpose. Our equipment allows customers to conduct a large variety of experiments at pressures of up to 10,000 psi and temperatures of up to 140 degrees C. Highlights of the equipment include:

  • Measurement of spreading coefficient, contact angles, interfacial tension, cloud and Krafft temperatures
  • Equipped with in-line densitometers capable of operating at elevated temperature and pressure
  • Employs a precision, pulse-free pumping system capable of micro liter accuracy
  • Perfect for evaluating potential surfactant solutions or brine/oil systems

From design to implementation, our experiencedteam will assist you in configuring a system to meet your needs and allow you to make game-changing measurements at your facility.