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Confined Phase Behavior Characterization

At Piri Technologies, the nanocondensation apparatus employs a patented high-precision gravimetric system to detect phase behavior at the nano-scale. When fluid is confined to tight pore spaces, such as the pores found in many unconventional reservoirs or industrial gas adsorbents, its thermodynamic behavior is altered and can no longer be predicted using traditional equations of state. As a result, scientists at Piri Technologies are devoted to assiting customers in developing a fundamental understanding of how fluids behave within these tight pores. There are currently three complete nanocondensation systems that are operational, allowing for more experimental capacity and a larger range of research possibilities. The equipment is currently capable of studying fluids down to -50  ͦC and under a wide range of pressures thereby allowing the full characterization of the vapor-liquid coexistence regions and the identification of condensation points for a particular fluid within confinement.

Isotherm showing capillary condensation behavior due to the presence of nanopores