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Macro-CT Imaging

The facilities at the Piri Technologies include two medical CT scanners. These CT scanners are one-of-a-kind systems designed for both vertical as well as horizontal scanning of long samples. The scanners incorporate a custom built, two-story vertical positioning system (VPS), designed by Universal Systems, that allows meter long samples to be positioned vertically during helical scanning. Each system is also integrated with a high pressure and temperature, multi-phase fluid injection system to allow fluids to be introduced to the samples during scans. The systems can be used with custom chemical resistant sample holders made of X-ray transparent material that can withstand up to 10,000 psi pressures. These systems allow engineers and scientists at Piri Technologies to help customers investigate critical rock/fluid interactions in large reservoir samples

Additionally, Piri Technologies recently gained access to the world’s first robotic macro-CT scanner which is capable of scanning 6 core holders under reservoir conditions. This technology allows customers to pursue multiple lines of interest in multiple samples without sacrificing valuable experimental time.