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Adsorption Isotherm Characterization

Piri Technologies has access to state-of-the-art equipment for characterizing phase behavior within nanopores. With unprecedented capacity, let us take care of characterizing your industrial adsorbent or tight rock sample so that you can confidently make predictions about your material or reservoir.

Current Capabilities

  • Measurement of standard isotherms for large sample sizes of adsorbent materials
  • Temperatures from -100 to 232 degrees C
  • Pressures from high vacuum to 1000 psi
  • Full characterization of confined phase behavior via a suite of isotherm measurements and advanced in-house analysis software
  • Gas chromatography of mixtures during adsorption isotherms for quantification of phase enrichment or shifts in mixture properties

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Adsorption isotherm for n-pentane measured in silica MCM-41 (4 nm pores) (Barsotti et al. In revision, (2017))